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This article or section is about the main game in Kirby Super Star (Ultra). For information about the character, see Dyna Blade.

Kirby Super Star (Ultra) Main Game InfoBox
Dyna Blade Title.jpg
Title screen for Dyna Blade.
Difficulty 3 Stars
Stages 5 main stages (3 side ones)
Final Boss Dyna Blade
Unlock Requirements Available at start (Complete Spring Breeze in Ultra)
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Dyna Blade is the second main game featured in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. In this game, Dyna Blade, a large bird creature, has stolen crops from local farmers. Kirby must go through four levels and two hidden areas, before finally fighting Dyna Blade herself. In the end of the game, it is revealed that Dyna Blade was merely trying to feed her chicks. Kirby alleviates the problem by feeding them Whispy Woods's apples and teaching the chicks how to fly. This game is unlocked by completing Spring Breeze.

Similarly to Milky Way Wishes, Dyna Blade features a map that enables the player to select a stage; however, this game's map allows for less free navigation, restricting Kirby's movements to a number of predefined paths instead.


Stage Four: Candy Mountain.

A large plains area, with ladders. It has a copius amount of Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, and Sir Kibbles. Mid-boss: Chef Kawasaki

A castle that has many secret areas, including a big switch that unlocks Trial Room 1, a long room with easy access to the wheel ability, and a room with a peg that can be hit for access to three 1-Ups. Mid-boss: Bonkers

A cave with different hazards, such as wind, pits, Gordos, Shotzos, spikes and lava. Also has a long downward slope area for use with the stone ability. Mid-boss: Bugzzy

This level has multiple paths to take, but both paths meet up in a room with lava and a big switch that unlocks Trial Rom 2. On one path, the Hammer ability appears on a Copy Pedestal, and in the room with the big switch, a Sword Copy Pedestal is found. No matter which path is taken, cannons are common. At the end, Kirby fights many mid-bosses in a row. Mid-bosses: Mr. Frosty, Bonkers, Poppy Bros. Sr. (2x)

  • Dyna Blade's Nest

A simple hill that goes up to a room with a Warp Star and four Copy Pedestals: Cutter, Beam, Fire and Sword. Once the warp star is boarded, it flies up to an area where Dyna Blade is fought.

  • Trial Room 1

A test room where Kirby can find many abilities to try out on normal enemies.

  • Trial Room 2

Another test room that has the abilities not found in Trial Room 1.

  • Stage E

If Kirby encounters Iron Mam on the map, then he is sent to Stage E, where he must fight her. If he succeeds, then he is given a 1-up. After completion, this stage can't be replayed unless a new game is started.

Goal Game

At the end of each stage, the player can play a short bonus game to get 1-Ups. Three Kirbys operate a cannon while a bar fills up above the cannon. When a button is pressed, the cannon fires out a Kirby that hits a row of common enemies. The more the bar is filled up, the more Kirby will hit and the more 1-ups that will be awarded. The maximum is three.


The Level map for Dyna Blade.
  • The map used to select this game's stages functions very similarly to the world maps in Super Mario Bros. 3, the moving "E" symbol behaving much like the latter's Hammer Bros. symbol on the map.
    • A similar style of level map — minus the "E" symbol — would later be seen in Kirby: Squeak Squad.