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VS Doomers.jpg
Kirby and Landia battling three Rīpas; a type of Doomer in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011)
Copy Ability N/A
Similar entities Minions inside the Galactic Nova Nucleus
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This article is about the standard enemies encountered in Another Dimension. For the boss versions of these enemies, see Sphere Doomer or Grand Doomer.

Doomer is the general term for the various creatures encountered and fought in Level 8: Another Dimension from Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are battled and defeated by riding Landia, and must be passed before the Lor Starcutter can be fought.

There are four types of Doomer that can be encountered. Their Japanese names, along with -ローパー (shared by Sphere Doomers/スフィアローパー, Greater Doomer/ラージローパー and Grand Doomer/グランドローパー), form the ra-gyō (ら行) of the Gojūon table.

Doomer Types
Image Japanese Name Description
Rapa.jpg ラーパ
This is the most common type of Doomer, and also the weakest. It flies in large groups in an attempt to ram into Landia. It does not have any other attacks.
Ripa.jpg リーパ
This type of Doomer flies within range of its target, then fires a shot at Landia.
Rupa.jpg ルパ
This Doomer is a small target that sticks to the surface of the cave sections, and can also fire shots.
Repa.jpg レーパー
This large Doomer hovers in place. It is capable of firing large shots, and when destroyed, its extrusions become missiles that fire outward as well.

All of the Doomers' projectiles can also be shot down, so the best strategy is to keep firing.