Devil Kirby

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Devil Kirby
Anime Devil Kirby.jpg
Devil Kirby walks up a hill.
Debut episode Frog Wild
Similar entities Kirby, Devil Frog
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This article is about Kirby's evil self from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For the episode it appears in, known as "Devil Kirby" in Japan, see Frog Wild.

Devil Kirby is a character appearing in the episode Frog Wild from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is what Kirby transformed into after the latter had his fun with a butterfly and the Devil Frog (who ate the butterfly) possessed him after their "chat", forcing Kirby to turn traitor. Devil Kirby is nihilistic, unlike the original Kirby. He likes to destroy things and is willing to go to great lengths, without qualms of hurting anyone in his way. Devil Kirby resembles his old self, but has small bat wings, red eyes, and an evil sneer, making him a devilish mockery of the original, since the Devil Frog forces his host to be cruel.

Devil Kirby launches his first attack when Hana is doing her laundry. She reports his attack as sudden and unusual, even claiming something must have gone inside of him. The traitor proceeds to destroy Cappy Town (spraypainting a house Hana's Friend lives in, smashing Tuggle's store, destroying Mabel's crystal ball, crushing Professor Curio's relics and grinding their remains to rubble, lighting Chef Kawasaki's restaurant on fire, smashing Mayor Len Blustergas's car and Repairman Gus's gas station, throwing King Dedede's limousine into Police Chief Bookem's Police Station, etc.) and attack the castle, but is then reverted to his old self when Tiff and Tuff tell him to stop attacking King Dedede. At that instant, the Dream Land king proceeds to grab the Devil Frog and attach the Frog to the back of his own head.