Devil Frog

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Devil Frog
Anime Devil Frog Closeup.jpg
A closeup of the Devil Frog.
Debut episode Frog Wild
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The Devil Frog is the main antagonist of the episode Frog Wild from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a small and petite frog able to cause mayhem.

The Devil Frog slightly resembles a true frog. He is green, and has a yellow belly. However, the Frog has a star-shaped birthmark on top of his head, as well as wings coming from his back.

Kirby and the Devil Frog seemingly communicate.

The Devil Frog first appears near the beginning of the episode, where he swallows a butterfly that Kirby was chasing. They meet up at a pond and have a "chat". Eventually, Tiff and Tuff arrive (the Frog disappears) and ask that Kirby heads back home, since he needs to be at dinner and Hana needs help doing her laundry. Kirby then follows, but suddenly turns traitor, ruining Hana's laundry while she was drying it and then damaging a huge part of the city. As it turns out, however, the Devil Frog was a monster from Night Mare Enterprises and brought Kirby's body under his control while Kirby was having his fun near the pond. King Dedede had bought the monster but lost him when the creature jumped on his head. The Devil Frog then possesses King Dedede when Kirby is released from his control by Tiff's plea when she tells him to stop stomping King Dedede. However, the Heavy Anaconda arrives, releasing King Dedede from the Devil Frog's control and destroying the frog and swallowing King Dedede.


  • The Devil Frog is one of the few monsters that Kirby does not defeat.