Robo Dedede

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Robo Dedede
KDC Robo Dedede.png
Screenshot of Robo Dedede in Kirby's Dream Course.
First game Kirby's Dream Course (1995)
Weakness(es) Direct impacts from flying shots
Similar to Scope Shot robots, Dededestroyer Z, HR-D3
Theme music


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This article is about the robot boss from Kirby's Dream Course. For other robots designed after or owned by King Dedede, see Scope Shot, HR-D3, or Dededestroyer Z.

Robo Dedede[1] is the final boss of Kirby's Dream Course, taking the form of a giant mechanical replica of King Dedede which the king himself pilots from inside. The robot is covered in rivets and slots, has a clamp for a left hand and drill for a right hand, is capable of slow forward locomotion using its feet, and can call forth smaller Dedede robots to trip Kirby up.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby's Dream Course[edit]

In Kirby's Dream Course, Robo Dedede serves as the game's one and only boss, being faced as its own distinct course after completing the prior eight. Robo Dedede is brought in by its pilot once Kirby enters the arena, and begins marching toward his location. As the fight progresses, Robo Dedede will release small clockwork Dedede robots that will try to approach Kirby and then explode on him, which will immediately cause Kirby to lose a life. Kirby can stop them by slamming into them before they explode on him, or can dodge them by shooting forward at the right moment. If Robo Dedede reaches Kirby's starting position, he will be defeated and handed a Game Over, regardless of how many lives Kirby had remaining.

To combat Robo Dedede, Kirby can launch himself at the mechanical menace to knock it back, whereupon Kirby will automatically be returned to his starting position. In this particular instance, Kirby always launches at maximum power. Both grounder and flying shots can be used to knock Robo Dedede back, but only flying shots to the head will deal damage, causing the robot to turn slightly redder with each successful hit. Robo Dedede will be defeated after four successful strikes, forcing King Dedede to flee the scene and completing Kirby's Dream Course.

In the Extra Game, Robo Dedede has more health, now requiring eight good hits to defeat.



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