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Cloudy Park (theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3)

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Cloudy Park
Clip of "Cloudy Park" from Kirby's Dream Land 3.
Debut appearance Kirby's Dream Land 3 (1997)
Composer(s) Jun Ishikawa
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This article is about the theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3. For the theme from Kirby's Dream Land 2, see Cloudy Park (theme from Kirby's Dream Land 2).

"Cloudy Park"[conjectural title] is a theme from Kirby's Dream Land 3. This theme was composed by Jun Ishikawa, and has not been brought back in any other Kirby game so far. This theme can be heard in the first and fifth stages of Cloudy Park.


Kirby's first steps in sky-high Cloudy Park.

"Cloudy Park" is very similar to "Grass Land (2)". They have a similar beat and instrumentation, are primarily in the same key (C major), and tempo. This theme has no intro and starts playing the first portion of the melody with a flute-like instrument. After this it goes to the second portion, which is in A minor for a short time. The melody goes up three notes (up to an A note), ascends to a high C note, then goes down to a G note (with a descending bass) . The melody then repeats this again , but with a somewhat differing fashion. This time it goes to a high E-note then goes down to a F note (with a progression such as D-B-G-F). It goes to a G note and then goes back to a C note (while going back to the key of C). It then starts the third and portion, which are respectively similar to the first and second portions, but with a few differences. The third portion is played by a trumpet-sounding instrument and contains backing chords with the theme. The fourth portion is now played with synth-sounding instrumentation. After this fourth portion, the 50 second theme loops.