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City Trial: The Lighthouse Light Burns

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City Trial: The Lighthouse Light Burns
Clip of "City Trial: The Lighthouse Light Burns" from Kirby Air Ride.
Debut appearance Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (2001-2003) (Japanese and Chinese versions only)
Last appearance Kirby Air Ride (2003)
Composer(s) Akira Miyagawa
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"City Trial: The Lighthouse Light Burns" is the name of a musical piece which plays solely in Kirby Air Ride - in City Trial during the 'Lighthouse' event. While this music is playing, the city lighthouse near the Electric Lounge activates, shooting two beams of light down to the ground. Racers inside the light slowly recover HP on their vehicles. The track can be unlocked in the Sound Test by accomplishing the following Checklist item: "In the city, bust Warpstar while riding on Swerve Star!"

The music is an upbeat piece, played in 4/4 time signature and featuring lots of brass and wind instruments as well as drum and snare accompaniment.

This theme was also featured in certain episodes of the Japanese and Chinese versions of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Alternate versions of the theme exist in the anime as well which are generally more laid back, featuring a slower tempo, a few melodic changes, and less instrument depth.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シティトライアル:灯台にあかりがともる
shiti toraiaru: tōdai ni akari ga tomoru
City Trial: The Lighthouse Lights Up
French City Trial: Phare en feu City Trial: Lighthouse on fire
German CITY TRIAL: Das Licht des Leuchtturms CITY TRIAL: The Light of the Lighthouse
Italian City Trial: il faro è acceso City Trial: The lighthouse is on
Spanish CITY TRIAL: El faro CITY TRIAL: The lighthouse