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Choose your buddy

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Choose your buddy, called Which Kirby Villain Would You Befriend? in the name of its web page, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website. The activity was released to promote Kirby Star Allies.


The player answers 21 "would you rather?" questions that ask which of two friends the player likes most. After a few questions, previously chosen characters will reappear as choices. After answering all 21 questions, the character who was chosen the most is determined as the player's "favorite foe". The 2nd through 5th results are shown in a banner on the side labeled "Other foes you might like:".


Name Description
Beetley A horned bug that really gets to the point, Beetley uses his enormous horn to bash baddies and can even take to the sky.
Bio Spark A fearsome ninja with stealthy moves and a variety of ancient weapons that, when combined with the elemental powers of nearby friends, can unleash awesome attacks.
Birdon A flying foe with fearsome feathers who can divebomb enemies and carry comrades. Teaming up with Birdon also lets friends share his blustery Wind abilities.
Blade Knight A classic knight with a heroic sword. When he has full health, Blade Knight can unleash the powerful sword beam.
Bonkers A big, gorilla-like fella who can smash enemies with his enormous hammer. Nearby friends can pump-up his weapon even more with their elemental powers.
Broom Hatter A clean freak who flies through the sky on a broom and sweeps away enemies with a gust of wind. Classic Kirby characters from previous adventures will even pitch in to help!
Burning Leo A hot-headed foe with a fiery mane, Burning Leo can blaze up walls and even heat up weapons of nearby friends with the Sizzle ability.
Chef Kawasaki A longtime acquaintance of Kirby’s, this sensational chef can use his cooking tools as weapons and even cook up enemies and turn them into food for his friends. Bon appétit!
Chilly Chilly’s a cute snowman who shoots a frigid blast from his body, turning enemies into frozen statues that he can slide away. He can also use his frosty powers to protect himself in an ice block.
Como An itsy-bitsy spider who likes to drop in on occasion, Como can build web trampolines to help his buddies bounce to higher places or wrap up enemies in a web cocoon.
Driblee A cute critter who leaves foes soggy, Driblee can share his wet abilities with friends, empowering their weapons with water powers.
Gim A cool robot who’s really good with a yo-yo. He can also unleash some sweet breakdancing moves to befuddle foes. When he teams up with friends who have elemental powers, they can charge up the Yo-Yo to make it even more powerful.
Knuckle Joe The ultimate fighter, Knuckle Joe can devastate foes with a barrage of powerful punches and wrestling moves, and can even hurl nearby friends at enemies!
NESP A floating, hooded enemy who looks like a wizard. He can unleash powerful bolts of energy, and use his telekinesis to lift rocks or teleport himself.
Parasol Waddle Dee A Waddle Dee who uses an umbrella to float and shield attacks. His charming Friend Ability, Chumbrella, can block water and protect friends from aerial attacks.
Plugg An electrifying friend who can give foes a shock. Plugg can build up four increasingly powerful levels of static electricity attacks—the more he moves (or the more you shake your controller) the bigger the blast. He can also charge up the weapons of nearby friends to give them an electrical boost.
Poppy Bro. Jr. An elf-like creature with an explosive attack. He can throw bombs which his friends can pick up and throw as well. In addition, friends can add elemental powers to his bombs, and can even use them to float in the sky if imbued with wind power.
Rocky This blockhead is slow but can squash anyone in his way. Rocky is invulnerable when in rock mode. He can crunch foes with a giant rock fist and can team up with friends to unleash incredible elemental attacks.
Sir Kibble A noble knight who throws the top of his helmet like a boomerang, which you can control in the air. These Cutters can be charged up or combined with elemental powers to make a bigger impact and, as the name implies, can also be used to cut ropes.
Vividria The artistic master who can make magical artwork come to life and take on enemies. She can also splat foes with paint, create pottery, or use the friend ability Fridge Kirby to share food with allies.
Waddle Doo A cyclops that can zap you with an energy blast from its single eye, this beam buddy can zap from the ground or air, and add Zap power to the weapons of nearby friends.
Wester An outlaw with a powerful whip that he can use to throw opponents, grab items, or charge up with the elemental powers of nearby friends. Yee-haw!

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Choose your buddy
You can choose between characters from the Kirby Star Allies game to find out who you might want to befriend with this fun activity.



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