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Bolt Catapult

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Bolt Catapult
KPR Access Ark Stage 3 6.png
Kirby prepares the Bolt Catapult in Access Ark - Stage 3
Type Stage prop
Function Launches a large Gordo at barricades
Found Gigabyte Grounds - Stage 5 and Access Ark - Stage 3
Game(s) Kirby: Planet Robobot
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Bolt Catapult[from internal data] is an infrequently-seen object from Kirby: Planet Robobot. It is a contraption designed to launch a Gordo long distances, with the specific aim being to bust through certain wall sections on the other side.

To operate the Bolt Catapult, Kirby needs to use the Robobot Armor to first crank it back into the desired position, then cut the chain using the Sword Mode or Cutter Mode of the armor. A monitor in the background will display the predicted trajectory of the Gordo to Kirby before launch.

There are three possible outcomes for the launched Gordo. It can either be launched at a lower section of wall on the far side of the room, at the upper section, or it can just be released to hit the floor right in front of the catapult.