Big Bean Vine

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Kirby attacking a Dandan in Big Bean Vine.
Game(s) Kirby's Epic Yarn
Inhabitant(s) Dandan, Waddle Dees (normal, Balloon, and Bow Waddle Dees), Sulkworm, and Buttonflies
Theme Music

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Big Bean Vine is one of the stages of Grass Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Kirby unlocks it with the Bean Patch from Rainbow Falls.

Patch Animation

After throwing the Bean Patch, it settles into a dedicated slot and an animation of a bean vine growing to the area's door begins. After the bean plant is done growing, the door opens. The same bean vine can be watered later to watch it grow further.


This area is a vertically ascending area, rather than the usual left-right sidescroller. Leaves and clouds are staggered throughout the stage and several Bow Waddle Dees are firing arrows at Kirby. The arrows can be caught with the yarn lasso and turned into an unstoppable projectile attack. Another form of Waddle Dees present include Balloon Waddle Dees. Kirby will need to hitch a ride on several of them in order to ascend through the entire area. Other enemies present include Dandan, Buttonflies, and a Sulkworm.

A portion of this area can be replayed later with Beadrix.