Armor Dee

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Armor Dee
Game model from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
First game Kirby's Return to Dream Land
Latest game New Challenge Stages
Copy Ability None
Similar entities Puppet Waddle Dee
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Armor Dee[from internal data] is a robotic variation of a Puppet Waddle Dee, which appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Aesthetically, the Armor Dee resembles a large robot Waddle Dee, though lacking proper feet and sporting a spyglass. Functionally, the Armor Dee serves the same purpose as the Puppet Waddle Dee, though it is slightly harder to defeat, and is slightly more sluggish. The Armor Dee's attack consists of simply running into Kirby, thereby dealing both of them damage (though the Armor Dee's high durability makes this less of a concern for it). It can be destroyed to throw out the three Waddle Dees inside, or it may be quickly defeated by swallowing it with a Super Inhale.

Two variants of this enemy exist, though they differ only in aesthetics. One is found on Popstar, while the other exists on Halcandra and is filled with Halcandle Dees instead. Armor Dee also appears in Kirby's Dream Collection, in the New Challenge Stages.