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Apple Scramble (theme)

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Apple Scramble
Various arrangements of "Apple Scramble".
Debut appearance Kirby Battle Royale
Composer(s) Megumi Ohara or Shogo Sakai
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"Apple Scramble"[conjectural title] (referred to as "Battle 2" in-game) is the theme for the Battle mode with the same name.


Warming up before a round of Apple Scramble.

"Apple Scramble" is a joyous theme in D major and 4/4. It has an energetic intro with three ornamented dominant octaves with a response, followed by a resolution in contrary motion. Backed with polka rhythm, the melody comes in. It is quite simple: it starts with a rising tonic triad, turning dominant, which resolves back to tonic in the second phrase. The first motif repeats while shifting to double dominant, and with a rapid descending xylophone passage, it returns to its initial state. While the first time the melody is played by a single violin, a full string ensemble joins to repeat the melody, ending in a grandiose fanfare. The second section begins with minor harmonies, and a descending variant of the melody plays from different notes. It quickly returns to dominant, and soon after, "Kirby's Triumphant Return"'s "Green Greens" verse plays, once more in D major. However, this D major proves to be a new dominant to G major, in which the original melody plays again in a glorious tutti. It slows down at its final cadence. Once the cadence concludes, a scale plays back to D major, and the track loops.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

In its game of origin, "Apple Scramble" plays during the first minute of the Apple Scramble mode. A sped-up, F major version known in-game as "Battle 3" plays for the last minute of the battle. Additionally, "Apple Scramble" is a part of the staff credits medley "Cake Royale 15".

Other appearances[edit]

A vocal arrangement with lyrics called "The Apple Juice Song" is on the Kirby Memorial Arrangements CD, representing Bandana Waddle Dee.

A slower arrangement of the theme was also featured in The Sound of Kirby Café 2 as part of Track 7: ブリリアントブルー (Brilliant Blue), arranged by Megumi Ohara.

Finally, on the Kirby 30th Anniversary Site, the original version of the theme plays when viewing Kirby number 15 ("Akogare no Cake").