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Anglep KSSU normal.png AnglepSSU.png
In-game sprite of Anglep (normal and angered) from Kirby Super Star Ultra
First game Kirby Super Star Ultra
Copy Ability Crash (if scanned using Copy)
Similar entities Scarfy
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Anglep[from internal data] is a floating apple enemy that only appears in the Revenge of the King main game of Kirby Super Star Ultra. They appear in two levels: Illusion Islands and Crash Clouds.

It replaces Scarfy from Spring Breeze and has similar characteristics to it. Anglep initially appears as a harmless green apple, but like Scarfy, Kirby cannot inhale it. Attempting to causes Anglep to transform into a dark red, vicious apple and dash after Kirby. The Anglep eventually explodes after a while if Kirby leaves it alone.

Just like Scarfy, Kirby can use Copy to directly scan Anglep for the Crash ability.