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The ancients are an enigmatic and long-lost civilization, said to be responsible for the creation of many powerful artifacts which recur throughout the Kirby series. They are referred to as such by Magolor, when he describes how he got the Lor Starcutter in Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Not much is known about the ancients apart from what they built. Their influence has been confirmed on several worlds, including Popstar, and it is also unclear what may have happened to them, or what they looked like.

The following places and artifacts are confirmed (or at least suspected) to have been left behind by the ancients:

Based on the power of these artifacts, it can be presumed that the ancients were the predominant peoples of their time.


  • As both Galactic Nova and Star Dream summon Galacta Knight from a stasis chamber, it is possible that Galacta Knight is a representative of the ancients, and what they looked like. Given that this winged lancer bears a strong resemblance to both Meta Knight and Kirby, it is also possible that they too are the same species as the ancients were.
  • A good deal of in-game information about the ancients is conveyed to Kirby (and the player by extension) through Magolor's dialogue in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. As such, it's entirely possible that much of this information is misleading, given Magolor's reputation.
    • Likewise, Hyness says a great deal about what are almost certainly the ancients in his rant, but as his sanity is questionable, this information should also be taken with scrutiny.