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An Air Pellet (also known as an Air Shot or Air Bullet) is the small puff of air that Kirby and King Dedede exhale when they stop Flying. This pellet travels a short distance and can hurt most standard enemies, but is useless against most Mid-Bosses and Bosses.

This move is one of Kirby's primary means of defense in Kirby's Dream Land, and is useful for fending off flying enemies and clearing Star Blocks away. In subsequent Kirby titles, it is somewhat less important due to the presence of Copy Abilities, but can still come in handy. The Mint Leaf item causes Kirby to continuously fire Air Pellets, allowing him to take on the Boss Kabula.


  • Aside from Kabula, Ado, Adeleine, and the Holo Defense API can also be defeated using an Air Pellet, but only during the very last portion of the battle.
  • Air Pellets do more damage if Kirby is closer to his target when releasing them.