Ace Fuwa Rover

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Ace Fuwa Rover
Ace Fuwa Rover.jpg
The King Ace Fuwa Rover, just before it makes the stage exit vanish.
Debut game Kirby: Triple Deluxe (2014)
Copy Ability None
Similar to Fuwa Rover
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Ace Fuwa Rover is a Mid-Boss from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is fought using the Hypernova ability. This name is also used to refer to the minor rovers that are encountered shortly before the main one.

In stage 3 of Wild World, Kirby encounters the Ace Fuwa Rover and its minor lackeys in the haunted mansion. The main ace is distinguished from its lesser cousins by its black face, purple hat and crown. The minor aces are found inside suits of armor in the background hallways leading up to the final room, and are defeated by inhaling them after they attempt to strike.

The main rover (referred to as King Fuwa Rover) is encountered in the final room, after making the stage exit vanish. It fights Kirby by possessing various bits of furniture, including a vase, a clock, a picture frame and a grand piano. Each time, Kirby must use his Hypernova inhale when the rover attempts to strike with these objects. After inhaling the piano, the Ace is swallowed whole by Kirby, causing the stage exit to appear once more.

The Ace Fuwa Rover is encountered one last time in Stage EX 2 of Royal Road, along with the other Mid-Bosses that are engaged with the Hypernova ability. This time it uses only the picture frame and piano to attack Kirby with.