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A still from planet ????.

???? is a secret planet in the Milky Way Wishes stage of Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. It has the Copy Copy Essence Deluxe and many Tacs. A planet of the same name is where Marx is fought for the final battle. In this appearance, it is a barren planet similar in appearance to Earth's moon. It is the large star directly above Skyhigh.

???? can be found in-between Cavius and Skyhigh. It consists of three areas. The first area is a purple jungle filled with Tacs. The path is straightforward, though there are a few pitfalls here and there. The second area is more open, and also features Bombers. The last area is an empty space where the Copy Essence Deluxe for the Copy ability can be found. From here, Kirby can return to the Milky Way by means of Warp Star.

The Milky Way in Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
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