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The Wii console (standard white model and Wii Remote) and official logo
Creator(s) Nintendo
Release date(s) NA November 19, 2006
Japan December 2, 2006
Australia December 7, 2006
Europe December 8, 2006
Console chronology
Nintendo GameCube Wii U
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The Wii is a seventh-generation console released by Nintendo in late 2006. Its most notable feature is its control system, which includes motion sensitivity and point-and-click features. Three Kirby games are currently available for it, Kirby's Epic Yarn being the first, followed by Kirby's Return to Dream Land, followed by Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition. Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a game that features Kirby characters, was also made for this system. This is the successor to the Nintendo Gamecube and the predecessor to the Wii U. Some models of the Wii are also backwards compatible with GameCube games.

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