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Well hello! Most of the things I'll be doing here will revolve around adding the german names of characters and abilities that don't already have them listed on their page. Sometimes I'll try to help with some stubs and incomplete sections or just add something, if I have the necessary games and abilities to do so.

My first real experience with Kirby was with Kirby Triple Deluxe in 2016. I quickly got ingulfed into the story of that game and wanted more of it. Therefore I bought Kirby Planet Robobot, the Sub-Game expansions, the first two Dreamland games and Kirby Battle Royale completing them all on my trusty 3ds. On the Switch I currently own every Kirby game on it, many of them completed. With the aid of two friends of mine I also completed Kirby's Return to Dreamland. The moment Galacta Knight showed up there is something I'll never forget.

My favourite Character in the series and even in all of fiction is the Great King himself, King Dedede, though he has to tie with Metal Sonic and Oersted in favourite of fiction!

Besides Kirby I also find great joy in the Fire Emblem and Sonic games, even listening to their music for hours. Otherwise Star Wars is among my favourite things in fiction. But many other series have had my attention and if my edit summary looks weird it's likely a reference or a joke based on other series.

Hobbies include: Skiing; Swimming; Making fan fiction; Working on hacks (that will probably never see the light of day); Playing Games (obviously); Debating about all sorts of stuff; Listening to Music for a long long time....

Little Trivia and Fun Facts

  • This is the first Wiki where I edit
  • I came here on complete accident
  • My online name is a pun on the main theme of Sonic Unleashed "Endless Possibilities"
    • Additionally I believe that there are infinite possible outcomes from every action you take
    • It is also in reference to how much of my life has been affected by very minor decisions (in positive and negative ways)
  • Kirby started my great excitement for discussing lore theories
  • VS debating is a guilty pleasure of mine
  • The 2022 Remake of Live A Live is my favorite game of all time
  • I am of the opinion that nothing happens without reason
  • All of my names, be it real or online, have been involved in various puns that are all of equal quality

List of projects I did here:

  • The german name addathon (I sometimes still find some of them but it's mostly finished for all I could do)
  • Project DX
  • Project Reboot (Also referred to by me as "Albtraumöglichkeits Unendliche Muster Suche Rückkehr" = "Nightmarepossibilities' Infinite pattern search Returns")
  • Most of NES Remix (series)

List of currently ongoing projects:

  • Kirby's Grösster Fall translations + explanations (probably not happening for a long long time)

Additional Stuff: My Sandbox

A single soul's enough, when 'gainst the world we stand. Believe in me, we plead. We pray. And answer they... - Hasshe the Hunter