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Now there is actually one Kirby game in Portuguese. I hope more will follow that. Well, with that, it means I can finally comment, compliment and complain about translations to my first language, yay! I already did with some other Brazilians but now time to share that with English speakers. :)

Dream Buffet bot names[edit]

It's pretty clear looking at the translations that whoever did these wasn't given much context for the names. It appears they were just given the English names to translate/adapt. What is curious is that they sometimes do match with the translations of said names of characters that were given in this game, but not always. You will see me comment on these translations and how misinterpretations happened probably.

KDB Kirby bot names  
English Name Portuguese Name Comments
PinkPal RosaFofa "Rosa" (pink) + "Fofa" (cute, specifically the feminine form for some reason, I dunno why when the word "rosa" is male)
PinkBowler JogaHosa "Joga" (plays) + "Hosa" (probably meant to be a corruption of "rosa", pink, as R and H have the same pronunciation in Portuguese)
Puffball Fofurice "Fofurice" is an informal variation of "fofura" (cuteness). If you call something or someone that, it means you find them really cute.
Stubby Tampinha "Tampinha" literally is the diminutive of "tampa", lid (like of a bottle). "Tampinha" is basically the equivalent of stubby in English I guess? When you call a person that, it basically means someone small or young.
Kirby-chan Kirbynho Diminutive of Kirby.
Kirby-san Seu Kirby This is really hard to translate, but "Seu" followed by a name makes "Seu" work like a title of sorts, like an honorific?
PINKball RedonR0S4 Probably "Redondo" (round) + "Rosa" (pink) but with numbers.
PeachArmor Armadrosa "Armadura" (armor) + "rosa" (pink).
Round Hero Boleroino "Bola" (ball) + "herói" (hero), although I dunno where the end comes from. Maybe trying to mimic "heroína" (feminine for "herói") if I were to guess but really not sure.
Star Hero Estreleroi "Estrela" (star) + "herói" (hero)
Maxim #1 Maxi.n1 Maxim from Maxim Tomato in Portuguese is just "Maxi". The number indicator symbol in Portuguese is usually typed like "nº" but sometimes just "n" (short for "número", number) is used too.
Maxim86 Maxi86 Maxim from Maxim Tomato in Portuguese is just "Maxi".
PoweredUp Energizado "Energizado" (energized).
FullEnergy Eletrizado "Eletrizado" (electrified).
VincyCandy Docinvicto
Lickety AlanBida Pun on "A lambida" (the lick).
Got_a_1UP 1_VIDA "Vida" means life, so pretty much "1 life".
0LivesLeft Z3r0vidas "Zero" written with numbers + "vidas" (lives).
PointStars EstrelaPts "Estrela" (star) + "Pts" (short for "pontos", points).
Pink Stars AstrosRosa "Astros" (stars) + "Rosa" (pink). If you're wondering, "estrela" is a more specific word for star (specifically one like the Sun), while "astro" is the more generic word to refer to any celestial body in space.
Twinkles Reluzente
Glimmer Cintilante
TheStarRod E.Varinha "E." is likely short for "Estrela" (star) while "Varinha" is the diminutive of "Vara", rod. Usually when referring to magic wands, we use "varinha"; "vara" would be more appropriate for something like a fishing rod. Anyway, it appears whoever translated this didn't really catch the memo on the Portuguese name given for the Star Rod in this game, "Varinha estrela", due to the order of the words used; personally, "VarinhaE." would sound better to me.
Frightmare Pesamedo "Pesadelo" (Nightmare) + "medo" (fear/fright).
RnbwIsland Arco-ilha Pun on "Arco-íris" (rainbow) and "ilha" (island).
RainboSord Espadíris "Espada" (Sword) + "arco-íris" (rainbow).
EasyBreezy DeBoas "De boas" or "de boa" is an equivalent to "easy breezy", meaning something easy and/or simple.
DreamRacer SonhoGuia
YourBuddy Coleguinha
Animal Pal Animamigo
FromRipple Ondulante
FactoryFoe FabricAção
GoGoKirby VaiKirby
Yo_Tornado Ei_Tornado
KirbyPhone DiscaKirby
MirageNite _miragem_
DededeSoul AlmaDedede
MaskedMarx MaskraMarx
UrOverlord SrSupremo
Crafty Egg MalandrOvo
Q.Joronia Rainharana "Rainha" (Queen) + "aranha" (spider). This one is VERY interesting as it appears context was given specifically for this name at least? Or perhaps they also used the Japanese name as a base? While the queen part can probably be inferred from the "Q." of the original name, if you search "Joronia" online you really won't find anything related to spiders (or at least I did not).
SkyPeople GenteDoCéu
Patrya Patrycinha
P.Haltmann P.Haltmann
HeartFwend QridoMigo
ZanParWho? Partizipar
Neichel Neichel
BeastPack BalaioRude
TeaCup ColherDChá
JiroJiro Duonísio
Minigamer Minigueime
Shirleelee Lara
Anna Ana
Yetta Iara
Wisdom Sasha
Amy Alice
Otto Osvaldo
Kyle Davi
Kiddo Carol
Cook Lucas
Katie Gabi
Chauncey Pedro
Samuel Rafa
Sylvaria Sílvia
Suzanna Cecília
Sebastian Sebastião