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Boxart and title Developer Publisher Notes
HAL Laboratory Nintendo Should be noted that Nintendo influenced the final product, in particular the name of Kirby and the title of the game, but only HAL developed it.
HAL Laboratory Nintendo
HAL Laboratory Nintendo
HAL Laboratory Nintendo Was originally to be an entirely separate game called Special Tee Shot. This game was worked on primarily by Nintendo EAD — Tatsuya Hishida and Shinya Takahashi, staff members at Nintendo EAD, are credited in Kirby's Dream Course as the original designers — though it was programmed by HAL Laboratory staff. When Special Tee Shot became Kirby's Dream Course, development was passed to HAL Laboratory in full.
Compile, Banpresto, HAL Laboratory, Nintendo Nintendo Based on Super Puyo Puyo, so the base game by Compile and Banpresto. Two HAL Laboratory staff members are credited: Hirokazu Ando and Tetsuya Notoya. It seems likely that they were not directly involved and were instead credited for work from previous games (music and illustrations, respectively). Nintendo appears to be in charge of localization and the rebrand to a Kirby game, likely with help of HAL as well. Sakurai has also mentioned that he was involved as a supervisor of this game, but was uncredited.
HAL Laboratory Nintendo
Nintendo R&D1 Nintendo At the end of development, HAL said the game didn't feel like a Kirby game, and they spent half a year on a major overhaul of the game.[1]
HAL Laboratory Nintendo