gangueevee is a girl who loves pokemon,kirby,sonic,mario and best of all,angry birds

how it all beganEdit

gangueevee started on youtube,and it didn't go so well,she got a little bit of viewers,her first video was a disater and it got a 1 unlike and no lps is recorded, in one of her it was going to tell all the viewers that a new lp will come this may,but after her video uploded it didn't show about the lp,so she thought,hm,maybe i will tell all the people about my live in wikirby! and she did.

lps she is doingEdit

this is where her all her lps wiki pages to go to thier page![note:*means it that lp have commentary]

LPS[note that * means it have commentary]Edit

[[1]] kirby and the amazing mirror* [comeing soon!]