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Hi. I am Dedede: SuperStar DX!!!. You can call me DDD superstar. Not much going on. I also have an account on the Super Mario Wiki. You may know me there as KoopaMan. (Not 2 B confused with Koopaman.)...Eh, not much. No friends here, either.

Story: Kirby's Adventure 2:Dedede Superstar Deluxe and co.Edit

Er..................Same things happen in SB movie except Neptune=Vellidragon Sb=Me Patrick=KoopaMan(My Mariowiki counterpart) and plankton=Fawful 117 (from the Mario Wiki.)


They should make a 2 hr The Amazing World of Gumball movie and it would be soo epic everyone's eyes would explode so plz copy and paste this on any and every website you go to until the writers see it and make it

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