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Aphelocoma Mario
Age: 17
Gender: Female
First Name: Emilie
Userbox Tower of Death
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Hello! It's-a me, Aphelocoma Mario!

I'm a female user who is a very, very big fan of Mario, but I really love the Kirby games. I have to say, the Kirby platformers are better than the Mario ones, and Kirby Air Ride is much better than Mario Kart Double Dash. I consider myself a very, very introverted person, so it won't be likely that I will make a lot of friends. However, I'll try to be as friendly as possible, since I cherish any friend I make. I love to draw and play video games, mostly Mario stuff. Too bad Kirby doesn't have a lot of games like Kirby. Luckily, that leaves less room for Nintendo to overdo Kirby concepts, unlike what's happening with the two New Super Mario Bros. games we're getting lately.

If you want to know me, please be aware that I have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). That means I am easily distracted, overlook little mistakes, act impulsively, am easily frustrated, hyperfocus (I can be here for hours and not be tired), can have trouble expressing my thoughts, forget easily, and others. And no, ADHD is very real. And no, ADHD doesn't affect IQ at all. Yes, I LOATHE school.

I also have a fondness for birds. If you search "Aphelocoma", you'll get pictures of scrub jays, my favorite wild bird. These birds are so smart and quirky, I find it hard NOT to like them. Western scrub jays reside in my garden in Southern California. I also have two pet cockatiels, which are very, very sweet animals. I love them to death, but I lack that zeal other pet owners may have.

I have a twin sister who is called MissileBabyLuigi. She's not active as often as me. Usually, she's in the MarioWiki (I used to be in that site, but I quit because I cannot trust nor stand the administrators, even to this day). You might recognize me as LeftyGreenMario, because I am LeftyGreenMario. I'm also there in GameFAQs (infrequently) and in BrawlVault (occasionally). I am also an active user at the BrawlintheFamily forusm.

Kirby Air Ride is one of my favorite Kirby games. I really like the Wheelie Scooter, so that's why I depicted Mario riding on one. It would be funny if Mario characters get to ride on Air Ride machines.

Kirby Games I PlayedEdit

All Work and No PlayEdit

That's the Mahn on the right.

What do I do here? I'm here to improve the wiki, duh. The wiki needs a lot of work. It does get a little lonely around here, but there is much less distractions by other users asking to be friends with you. The advantage with a lonely site is that I get to focus on whatever subject I want.

Despite what the title says, I actually enjoy editing the wiki. There is something satisfactory with my name cluttering the recent changes. :P It might not be like this forever. Well, there's this user called "Mario", I guess, but other than that person, this place is pretty lonely.

I work on these articles:

In the future, I plan to improve on these articles:

I can upload nice quality screenshots of the console games. When you see a screenshot I uploaded, that player participating is probably me. I tend to be player 4 because computer players are far more important. :P I play as Yellow Kirby, by the way, because I hate seeing Pink Kirby treating Yellow Kirby like trash. In my pictures, I tend to beat up Blue Kirby and Pink Kirby. Why Blue Kirby? I don't know. I always made fun of her (in my fan world, Blue Kirby is female) and called her, "The Mahn".

I can upload sprites as well. I can rip sprites as well, but only if I'm using the Dolphin Emulator. Otherwise, I have to use sprites that are already ripped.

By the way, I find seeing my own name in articles a bit shocking. However, I changed my real name to "Yellow Kirby" because I think it's funny.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Hopefully one day, this will be a more reliable site than that wikia! See you later!