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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe

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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
KRtDLD Boxart NA.png
US rating pending box art for Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) HAL Laboratory
Release date(s) February 24th, 2023
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Supported languages Japanese, American English, British English, European French, Canadian French, Dutch, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB E10plus rating.svg - Everyone 10+
PEGI: PEGI 7.svg - 7+
CERO: CERO A rating.svg - All ages
Game size 6 GB
Game chronology
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Release date(s): February 24, 2023

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Kirby's adventures continue in Dream Land!
— Nintendo eShop description

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe is an upcoming remake of Kirby's Return to Dream Land, releasing for the Nintendo Switch on February 24th 2023. It will feature the same story and gameplay as the original, but with a handful of new additions, most notably the new Mecha and Sand Copy Abilities,[1] the Festival ability from Kirby Star Allies, and a revamped collection of Sub-Games housed in the new location Merry Magoland, a festive castle-like structure that resembles Magolor.

While the game features the same side-scrolling 2.5-D gameplay as the original, the graphics have been given an overhaul, giving all the characters strong outlines and increasing the detail and contrast. In addition, the characters (most notably King Dedede) have been updated to their modern looks. Other visual changes include enemies splatting against the screen when hit by Super Ability attacks.

The game is available in all languages that Kirby's Return to Dream Land was originally available in, along with new translations in Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional).

Copy Abilities

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe features every Copy Ability from the original game[2] in addition to the new Mecha and Sand abilities, as well as Festival, making it the first remake to add Copy Abilities that were not in the original game (although introducing new abilities was considered for the previous remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, the idea was ultimately scrapped[3]). It is also known that some abilities were given updated movesets.

The following are all the known Copy Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, along with other known details:

Copy Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe  
Ability Appearance Description Notes
New Abilities
KRtDLD Mecha.png
Kirby gains mechanical robotic armor that allows him to perform fiery and electric punches, fly with a jet pack, drop mines, and perform other such attacks. This ability is similar to the boss Metal General.
KRtDLD Sand.png
Kirby gains a large array of attacks relating to sand, such as making dust devils, creating a sand fist, and even conjuring a sand castle to attack from below.
Returning Abilities
KRtDLD Beam.png
Kirby can attack with an array of magical beam blasts to zap his enemies.
KRtDLD Bomb.png
Kirby can pull out bombs to toss at his enemies.
KRtDLD Crash.png
Kirby creates a massive explosion that wipes out all enemies on screen.
KRtDLD Cutter.png
Kirby battles his foes with bladed boomerangs that can be guided while in-flight.
KRtDLD Festival.png
Kirby can dance with his friends to make all enemies on screen turn into Point Stars and food. This ability was not present in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, and comes into this game from Kirby Star Allies instead.
KRtDLD Fighter.png
Kirby gains access to a wide array of martial-arts and other techniques with which to pummel his foes.
KRtDLD Fire.png
Kirby gains the ability to breathe fire at his foes, and turn into a fireball to tackle them.
KRtDLD Hammer.png
Kirby uses a large wooden mallet to clobber his foes and pound down stakes. Hammer Flip can be charged, as in more recent games.
KRtDLD Hi-Jump.png
Kirby can leap high in the air and dive downwards, plowing through any enemies in his way.
KRtDLD Ice.png
Kirby can breathe ice to freeze his opponents solid and then kick them away while gracefully skating along.
KRtDLD Leaf.png
Kirby attacks his foes with a torrent of razor-sharp leaves.
KRtDLD Mike.png
Kirby can shout at his enemies up to three times to deal huge sonic damage to them.
KRtDLD Needle.png
Kirby projects long sharp spikes out from his body to defend himself from assailants, and can shoot them out with enough effort.
KRtDLD Ninja.png
Kirby gains access to a number of techniques and weapons typical of a fantasy Ninja warrior.
KRtDLD Parasol.png
Kirby gains a parasol that he can use to gently glide through the air or break through enemy formations.
KRtDLD Sleep.png
Kirby falls asleep on the spot and cannot do anything until he wakes up again.
KRtDLD Spark.png
Kirby can generate a big electric field around himself and shoot electric projectiles at enemies.
KRtDLD Spear.png
Kirby gains a spear which he can use to strike his foes from afar, or even twirl it around to start flying.
KRtDLD Stone.png
Kirby can turn to stone to avoid damage and slide down slopes safely through enemies, or land on them from above for big damage. New Stone Change forms from Kirby Star Allies have been added.
KRtDLD Sword.png
Kirby gains a sword and the courage to strike his foes deftly with many different attacks.
KRtDLD Tornado.png
Kirby can turn himself into a raging whirlwind that passes through enemies very easily, but is difficult to control.
KRtDLD Water.png
Kirby gains the ability to surf through his enemies and attack them with pressurized water spouts.
KRtDLD Whip.png
Kirby gains a whip which he can use to strike or grab enemies and items from afar.
KRtDLD Wing.png
Kirby gains a pair of wings and the ability to fly with grace, speed, and power. Wing Kirby's hat has been given a slight redesign.

Super Abilities

Like in the original game, Kirby has access to five Super Abilities which are more powerful versions of regular abilities. They are as follows:

Super Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Ability Appearance Description
KRtDLD Flare Beam.png
This is a super version of the Beam ability.
It allows Kirby to freely control an electric ball that can destroy star-marked enemies and obstacles as well as electrify Beam lamps.
KRtDLD Grand Hammer.png
This is a super version of the Hammer ability.
It gives Kirby three stages of charge to hammer down giant stakes and produce shockwaves.
KRtDLD Monster Flame.png
This is a super version of the Fire ability.
It gives Kirby the ability to summon a fiery dragon that flies horizontally and and destroys star-marked enemies and obstacles on its way.
KRtDLD Snow Bowl.png
This is a super version of the Ice ability.
It gives Kirby the ability to become a large snowball that can roll and jump, destroying star-marked enemies and obstacles on his way. This is notably similar to the Ice-Ice Power Combo from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
KRtDLD Ultra Sword.png
This is a super version of the Sword ability.
It gives Kirby a large sword (with several variations) that can destroy star-marked enemies and obstacles.


The new enemy (name not yet known) that provides Mecha when inhaled.

Based on the footage and premise, it is likely that most, if not all of the enemies, mid-bosses, and bosses in the original Kirby's Return to Dream Land will be returning in this remake. However, aside from the ones seen in prerelease material, none can be explicitly confirmed to appear, as it may be the case that an old enemy gets replaced by another, as has happened in cases such as Bounder, Togezo, and Rolling Turtle in previous games.

The following enemies have been spotted in trailers and other prerelease material for the game:



Merry Magoland

Wide view of Merry Magoland, with all the Sub-Games visible.
Kirby and friends arriving at the park via Warp Star.

Merry Magoland is a new area of the game where Kirby and up to three other players can participate in competitive Sub-Games. This replaces their previous location on the Lor Starcutter in the original game, but in return, there are far more than in previous games, with most returning from older games in the Kirby series.

The Sub-Games are hosted by Manager Magolor, who gives Kirby tips and, if the player is connected to Nintendo Switch Online, will share data from other players around the world, like Wise Waddle Dee in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Despite this, Merry Magoland is same system-only, with no local communication or online multiplayer. Playing Sub-Games will accumulate stamps, which unlock cosmetic character masks or items for use in the main game.[4]

The following Sub-Games are confirmed to appear:

  • Magolor's Tome Trackers - Unique to this game. Magolor asks players to find a specific tome, but his memory can be fuzzy, requiring intuitive thinking. The player who gets to the correct tome first gets points.
  • Gun Gun Blasters - Unique to this game, though thematically similar to Scope Shot from the original, which does not return. Players compete in a top-down arena with laser blasters that have limited ammo.
  • Samurai Kirby - Returns from Kirby Super Star. Players compete in a game of reaction time to be the last one standing.
  • Checkerboard Chase - Returns from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Players compete in a top-down maze to make each other fall by knocking tiles down. The last one remaining wins.
  • Bomb Rally - Returns from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Players toss bombs back and forth with frying pans in a game of hot potato, with a delayed reaction resulting in an explosion. The last one remaining wins.
  • Ninja Dojo - Returns from the original Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Players compete to see who can throw a shuriken closest to the bull's-eye of a target, with more accuracy resulting in more points.
  • Kirby on the Draw - Returns from Kirby Super Star Ultra. Players use pop guns to shoot cardboard cutouts of Kirby characters, requiring quick reaction time. Some targets are worth more, but Bombers detract points.
  • Smash Ride - Returns from Kirby: Squeak Squad. Players compete in a top-down arena to knock each other away using modified Warp Stars. Ring-outs are worth points, but the game doesn't end until time runs out.
  • Crackity Hack - Returns from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. Players try to crack the ground by clearing two successive timing challenges, with more accuracy causing greater fissures.
  • Egg Catcher - Returns from Kirby's Adventure. Players try to eat as many eggs as possible while avoiding bombs.
  • Samurai Kirby 100 - A variant of Samurai Kirby where the player competes with the ghosts of the 99 most recent online players to see how they stack up.

Other differences from Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Aside from the above-mentioned additions and changes, the following other changes have been made between Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe:

  • All instances of motion controls have been removed, with their original context being replaced with button or control stick inputs as appropriate.
  • Bandana Waddle Dee is now referred to by that name, whereas in the original, he was just called "Waddle Dee".
  • King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee have been given additional moves to more closely match their appearance as Dream Friends in Kirby Star Allies and Buddies in Kirby Fighters 2.[5]
  • Kirby and company can now swim and use the Water Gun diagonally to match the swimming mechanics present in Kirby Star Allies.
  • Kirby and his partners now pose before they enter the Goal Door. In the original game, they simply entered it like a regular door.[5]
  • The original game's music has been remastered in higher quality, though it has not been changed otherwise.
  • Kirby has new voice clips, with the Super Abilities in particular each having distinct shouts associated with them.
  • Characters who have reappeared in later games have had their designs updated to match, including enemies such as Poppy Bros. Jr. and Walf.
  • The stage devices and objects have had their designs updated to match their modern appearance from Kirby Star Allies and Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
  • The doors and its visual effects has been updated as more akin to the Kirby Star Allies design.
  • The Goal Door from the original game has now been changed.
  • The new enemies and Copy Abilities have been dispersed throughout the regular stages, replacing previous enemies and/or Copy Essences in certain instances.
  • Each of the Super Ability acquisition cut-scenes have been updated and made distinct, whereas before, they were all the same.
  • Additional collectibles have been added to stages, such as tickets for Merry Magoland attractions.
  • There are two additional Challenge Stages, for the newly added Mecha and Sand copy abilities, bringing the total to nine stages.
  • There is now a Missions board which can be viewed in Merry Magoland, with at least 100 objectives.
  • There are now collectible stamps which are displayed in a Stamp Rally. This appears to be similar to the Life Piece reward tracker from Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn.
  • Kirby can now obtain Stock Items to make use of in stages, much like in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. These items include Maxim Tomatoes, Energy Drinks, Cracklers, and items that can grant Copy Abilities.


  • Despite the original Kirby's Return to Dream Land being called Kirby's Adventure Wii in European languages, no such name difference is present in this remake.[6]
    • This makes Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe the second Kirby remake of a game that originally had a different name between the American and European versions to use the original game's American name for the European title, the first being Kirby Super Star Ultra.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしのカービィ Wiiウィー デラックス
Hoshi no Kābyi Wii Derakkusu
Kirby of the Stars Wii Deluxe
Traditional Chinese 星之卡比 Wii 豪華版
Xīng zhī Kǎbǐ Wii Háohuábǎn
Kirby of the Stars Wii Deluxe Edition
Simplified Chinese 星之卡比 Wii 豪华版
Xīng zhī Kǎbǐ Wii Háohuábǎn
Dutch Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -
French Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -
German Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -
Italian Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -
Korean 별의 커비 Wii 디럭스
byeol-ui keobi Wii dileogseu
Kirby of the Stars Wii Deluxe
Portuguese Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -
Russian Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
Spanish Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe -

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