Mowlee Bros.

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Enemy InfoBox
Mowlee Bros. 1.jpg
The first of the Mowlee Bros.
Debut Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Latest Game Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Copy Ability None
Similar Enemies Moley
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The Mowlee Bros. are Mid-Bosses from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. They are fought using the Hypernova ability.

The Mowlee Bros. are large mole-like creatures who wear tinted goggles and come in various colors. Their primary strategy is to move between burrow holes, and emerge to toss boulders at Kirby. These boulders can be Inhaled and spat back, but Kirby will need to employ good timing in order to hit them, as they will burrow underground shortly after tossing their payload.

The Mowlee Bros. are fought in sequence, with the first three being fought one-after-the-other at the end of Stage 1 of Fine Fields, and the fourth being fought solo in Stage EX-2 of Royal Road.

Mowlee Line-Up

Image Number Description
Mowlee Bros. 1.jpg
1 The first Bro will toss a dirt boulder on occasion, or will pop up and do nothing for a short while, giving an easy opportunity to hit him.
Mowlee Bros. 2.jpg
2 The second Bro, in addition to the first, will occasionally put out a decoy, and will snicker if Kirby hits it instead of him.
Mowlee Bros. 3.jpg
3 The third Bro, in addition to being somewhat faster than the second, will also use a second hole, on a higher cliff. Defeating him reveals the stage exit.
Mowlee Bros. EX.jpg EX The last Bro, in addition to all previous tactics, will also throw large flaming spiked boulders that cannot be inhaled or smashed by a normal boulder, and instead must be dodged.

Each Mowlee defeated will either fly off to the background, or splat against the screen.


A decoy Mowlee.
  • Each Mowlee Bro in succession has a more extreme hairstyle, and more dramatic goggles. The EX Bro also has gloves, presumably so he can handle the flaming boulders he tosses.