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A variation of the official Kirby logo.

The Kirby series is a series consisting of 21 games, with two more on the way, released by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. It features Kirby, a small pink creature that can swallow and copy the abilities of others. The series' first game was Kirby's Dream Land, which was released in Japan on April 27, 1992 and in the US on August 1st, 1992.


Most games in the main Kirby series are side-view platformers that involve Kirby having to get from the start of a room to a door or another object. In order to do this, Kirby must overcome or avoid many enemies, many of which will give Kirby a Copy Ability when he inahles and swallows them. Kirby has a limited number of lives and a limited amount of health; once his health drops to zero, a life is lost and Kirby has to restart at the beginning of the current section, losing his Copy Ability. If Kirby loses some of his health, he can drink an Energy Drink or consume a food item to restore some of it, or eat a Maxim Tomato to get all of it back. In some games, after Kirby finishes a level, he plays a mini-game which can earn him extra lives.


The following Kirby games have been released or confirmed to be in production so far. Note that this list does not include games that were announced but cancelled before an official release could happen.

Title Console Japan North America Europe Australia Notes
Original Release Date
Kirby's Dream Land Game Boy 27 Apr 1992 01 Aug 1992 03 Aug 1992 03 Aug 1992 -
Kirby's Adventure Nintendo Entertainment System 26 Mar 1993 01 May 1993 01 Dec 1993 01 Dec 1993 -
Kirby's Pinball Land Game Boy 27 Nov 1993 99 Nov 1993 99 Dec 1993 99 Dec 1993 -
Kirby's Dream Course Super Nintendo Entertainment System 21 Sep 1994 99 Feb 1995 24 Aug 1994 24 Aug 1994 -
Kirby's Dream Land 2 Game Boy 21 Mar 1995 01 May 1995 31 Jul 1995 31 Jul 1995 -
Kirby's Avalanche Super Nintendo Entertainment System 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 25 Apr 1995 01 Feb 1995 01 Feb 1995 Known as Kirby's Ghost Trap in the PAL. Based on Super Puyo Puyo.
Kirby's Block Ball Game Boy 14 Dec 1995 99 May 1996 99 Dec 1995 99 Dec 1995 -
Kirby Super Star Super Nintendo Entertainment System 31 Jul 1995 23 Sep 1996 30 Dec 1996 30 Dec 1996 Known as Kirby's Fun Pak in the PAL.
Kirby no Omochabako Satellaview 08 Feb 1996 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png Game collection broadcast over the St.GIGA network.
Kirby's Star Stacker Game Boy 07 Jul 1997 18 Mar 1997 20 Oct 1997 20 Oct 1997 -
Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Nintendo Entertainment System 27 Mar 1998 27 Nov 1997 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png -
Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu Super Nintendo Entertainment System 25 Jun 1999 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png Enhanced port of Kirby's Star Stacker.
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Nintendo 64 24 Mar 2000 26 Jun 2000 22 Jun 2001 22 Jun 2001 -
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble Game Boy Color 23 Aug 2000 11 Apr 2001 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png -
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Game Boy Advance 25 Oct 2002 02 Dec 2002 26 Sep 2003 27 Jan 2004 Remake of Kirby's Adventure.
Kirby Air Ride Nintendo GameCube 09 Jun 2003 13 Oct 2003 20 Feb 2004 30 Mar 2004 -
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Game Boy Advance 15 Apr 2004 18 Oct 2004 02 Jul 2004 99 Dec 2005 -
Kirby: Canvas Curse Nintendo DS 24 Mar 2005 13 Jun 2005 25 Nov 2005 06 Apr 2006 Known as Kirby: Power Paintbrush in Europe.
Kirby: Squeak Squad Nintendo DS 02 Nov 2006 06 Dec 2006 22 Jun 2007 28 Feb 2007 Known as Kirby: Mouse Attack in Europe.
Kirby Super Star Ultra Nintendo DS 06 Nov 2008 22 Sep 2008 27 Nov 2008 18 Sep 2009 Enhanced remake of Kirby Super Star.
Kirby's Epic Yarn Wii 14 Oct 2010 17 Oct 2010 25 Feb 2011 24 Feb 2011 -
Kirby Mass Attack Nintendo DS 04 Aug 2011 19 Sep 2011 28 Oct 2011 27 Oct 2011 -
Kirby's Return to Dream Land Wii 27 Oct 2011 24 Oct 2011 25 Nov 2011 01 Dec 2011 Known as Kirby's Adventure Wii in the PAL.
Kirby's Dream Collection Wii 19 Jul 2012 16 Sep 2012 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png 99 Dec 9999Xmark.png Compilation of Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards to celebrate Kirby's 20th anniversary. Includes a soundtrack CD and 45 page book containing artwork and other behind-the-scenes information covering Kirby's history.
Kirby: Triple Deluxe Nintendo 3DS 11 Jan 2014 2 May 2014 16 May 2014 16 May 2014 -
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Wii U 22 Jan 2015 20 Feb 2015 8 May 2015 9 May 2015 Spiritual successor to Kirby: Canvas Curse.
Kirby: Planet Robobot Nintendo 3DS 28 Apr 2016 10 Jun 2016 - - -

Main Characters


Artwork of Kirby from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main article: Kirby

Kirby is the hero of the franchise and the primary playable character in each game. His powers, which are vital to the gameplay of most installments, include inhaling objects and creatures in order to either spit them out again or steal their ability, as well as inflating himself, enabling him to fly. In most games, he must use his unique powers to save his homeland Dream Land, the planet Pop Star on which it is located or even the entire galaxy from the respective game's main antagonist.

King Dedede

Artwork of King Dedede from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
Main article: King Dedede

King Dedede is the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land and Kirby's archrival, though rarely the main antagonist. Although portrayed as greedy and selfish primarily in Kirby's Dream Land, where he steals all of Dream Land's food for himself, he often means well throughout the series, but ends up antagonizing Kirby due to a misunderstanding or being mind-controlled by the true villain. Once the misunderstanding has been resolved or the mind-control has been broken, however, he often ends up helping the him, most notably in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, where he is one of the game's main heroes.

Meta Knight

Main article: Meta Knight

An enigmatic character of ambiguous allegiance, Meta Knight repeatedly confronts Kirby during the latter's journeys, often challenging him to a duel. Although mainly antagonistic towards Kirby, he does not normally assist the respective game's main villain either, seemingly following his own, often secret motives. He does come to the aid of the pink hero on occasion, however, and is portrayed as an honorable duelist, usually providing Kirby with a sword whenever he challenges him in order to force a fair fight. He is the leader of a group of warriors known as the Meta-Knights, who Kirby has to battle at some point in most games he appears in.


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