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This article is about the item type in Kirby Air Ride. For information about the stage-unlocking patches from Kirby's Epic Yarn, see Area Patch.
The results showing the enhancement patches on the machine. Note that P4's machine has maximum offense.

A patch is an item appearing in Kirby Air Ride, exclusive to City Trial. A patch can improve a machine's ability, such as gliding or acceleration, by one point. However, when the machine touches a gray colored patch, the corresponding ability is reduced by one point. There is a limit of eighteen points per attribute, however; if the player's character collects more patches, said stat is no longer improved. Patches can be found almost anywhere, or when a character breaks a blue box. Blue boxes can contain up to four power ups or "power downs". Racers can also steal patches when attacking opponents (specifically HP if the opponent has acquired no patches).

It is possible to bump into fake patches, which closely resemble real patches. These fake patches do a variety of damage to a machine that runs into it. However, fake patches appear only in one event, if events are turned on.

There are also other types of patches, including copy panels and temporary power ups, found in red boxes and green boxes, respectively.

List of Patches

Permanent Patches

Below is a table that includes all possible patches which provide a lasting enhancement to one or more stats:

Picture Name Description
HeartPatchKAR.png HP Patch Increases the machine's HP level. There is no fake, or gray, version of this patch. Any HP patches found in blue boxes is just one patch instead of 2 or more, unless an event occurs.
OffensePatchKAR.png Offense Patch Increases the machine's offensive capabilities.
ChargeKar.png Charge Patch Increases the machine's charging rate.
DefenseKAR.png Defense Patch Increases the machine's defensive capabilities.
TurnKar.png Turn Patch Increases the machine's handling.
TopSpeedKar.png Top Speed Patch Increases the vehicle's top speed.
KARBoost.png Boost Patch Increases the vehicle's acceleration.
WeightKar.png Weight Patch Increases the vehicle's weight, preventing sliding during a charge.
GlideKar.png Glide Patch Increases the vehicle's gliding capabilities.
AllupKar.png All Up Patch Increases all the machine's abilities by 1 point. This rare patch is usually found in events such as the UFO, or very rarely in blue boxes, or simply appearing. There are no fake, or gray, versions of this patch. Appears multicolored. These patches appear normally (by appearing or being found in blue boxes) more often when the player plays the stadium Vs. King Dedede, but they are still rare.

Temporary Patches

There are also quick fix items that temporarily boost a machine's ability (these patches can be found only in green boxes):

Picture Name Description
AttackUpKAR.png Offense Temporarily boosts the machine's offensive capabilities.
DefenseupKAR.png Defense Temporarily boosts the machine's defensive and speed capabilities.
BatteryChargeKAR.png Battery Temporarily makes the player's machine engine go into overdrive. Boosts the machine at very high speeds, and is basically uncontrollable. Players riding on the legendary Hydra, however, must recharge after the duration ends.
Speeduppatch.png Speed Temporarily boosts the machine's top speed.