Dedede's Drum Dash

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Sub-Game InfoBox
Dedede's Drum Dash Title.png
Title screen.
Type(s) Rhythm - Score
Difficulty Levels 4
Players 1
Appears in Kirby: Triple Deluxe
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Dedede's Drum Dash is a sub game in Kirby Triple Deluxe where the player controls King Dedede and has to reach the end of each stage. There are a total of normal three stages and an Extra stage that must be unlocked. Clearing a stage gives a medal depending on how many points they got. The medal with be either bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. the player earns points by collecting coins, and clapping at the peak of each jump (a move referred to as a Back-beat). Dedede can only be hit five times before failing the level, unless he falls into a pit and instantly loses. The game got a revamped version titled Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe that had more levels and other added features.


Name In-Game Description
Green Greens
A good stage for beginners. Match the rhythm, and press A to jump!
Gourmet Go Go
The temp increase in this gourmet track! Watch out for moving drums!
Dedede's Theme
The king's own theme song. In this stage drums can break due to the fast pace!
Distant Traveler
A challenging bonus stage for those who've mastered the other levels. Good Luck!