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The Cell Phone is an item which appears in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards once to call the Warp Star in order to fight Zero Two, and later in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror"

Known mostly due to it's helpful qualities in Amazing Mirror, it is available from the start of the game after completing the first level. The Cell Phone is activated by pressing the L or R buttons, and appears on the top-right of the screen on the HUD. Other appearances include its presence in Kirby Super Star Ultra as a treasure in The Great Cave Offensive subgame. However, it did not appear in the original game. If Kirby uses the cellphone in UFO form, a satellite dish replaces the cellphone.


Functions depend on which button the player presses. Pressing the R button calls Kirby's alternative selves, but consumes battery power. Kirby can cancel the call if the R button is pressed again, but it will still consume battery power nonetheless. After the other Kirbies arrive, Kirby himself can regain health by touching them. Pressing and holding the L button summons a Warp Star, which brings Kirby back to the main lobby. Using this function does not consume any battery power, so, in-turn, it can be used when the battery power is zero. Similar to how the summoning function can be canceled, Kirby can cancel the call by releasing the L button. If playing in multiplayer, the other Kirbies can respond by pressing R.


As well as changing Kirby's color, the Spray Paint option can change the color of the Cell Phone.


When playing the game with a link cable, using the cellphone with the R button causes the linked players' screens to darken, and a choice between helping the calling Kirby or not will appear by pressing the R button. This can be used to solve puzzles which the Kirbies can't help with.