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amiibo are a series of collectible figurines based on characters from Nintendo franchises, which also tout functionality with various video games. The Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems are compatible with amiibo, and scanning in various figures will unlock bonuses in certain games.

The first amiibo figurines that went out for sale were the ones related to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. Among them were figurines of Kirby, King Dedede, and Meta Knight, as all three were fighters in that game. Later, concurrent with the release of Kirby: Planet Robobot, are a set of official Kirby series amiibo, including Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee.

Kirby Games compatible with amiibo

The first game in the series compatible with amiibo was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on Wii U. It is only compatible with the Smash figurines, which could be scanned in to give Kirby a bonus during the playthrough of a level. The bonus obtained depended on the figure used, and could only be used a certain number of times per day.

Kirby: Planet Robobot for 3DS is the second game compatible with amiibo. Here, the figures give Kirby a Copy Ability based on what type it is, as well as some Food (and a Sticker if the amiibo is a Kirby series one). If playing Meta Knightmare, the player only gains food. Unlike in Rainbow Curse, amiibo outside the Kirby series are also compatible.

Copy Abilities obtained through amiibo in Kirby: Planet Robobot

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amiibo Ability Notes
King Dedede Hammer (custom) Kirby changes color to match Dedede, and gains his hat.
Kirby U.F.O. This is one of only two ways to obtain this Copy Ability in Planet Robobot.
Meta Knight Sword (custom) Kirby changes to dark blue in color, wields the Galaxia and obtains smaller versions of Meta Knight's mask and wings placed on top of his head.
Waddle Dee Parasol (custom) Kirby changes color to match a Waddle Dee, and wields a spotted blue parasol instead of the usual one.
Mario (all variants) Fire Reflects Mario's fireball attacks. This also applies to all of the other variant amiibo of Mario.
Luigi (all variants) Fire Reflects Luigi's fireball attacks.
Peach (all variants) Parasol Reflects Peach's own parasol.
Yoshi (all variants) Whip Reflects Yoshi's tongue, which acts much like Kirby's whip.
Bowser (Smash Bros.) Stone Reflects the Bowser Bomb.
Donkey Kong (all variants) Fighter Reflects Donkey Kong being a melee brawler.
Diddy Kong (all variants) Bomb Reflects Diddy Kong's explosive Rocketbarrel pack and popgun.
Wario (all variants) Wheel Reflects Wario's motorbike.
Rosalina (all variants) Ice Reflects Rosalina's connection to comets.
Link (all variants) Sword A full circle reference, since Sword Kirby was originally based off of Link.
Princess Zelda (all variants) Mirror References the Nayru's Love attack.
Toon Link (all variants) Cutter References Toon Link's use of a sword.
all figures and cards (Animal Crossing) Leaf Reflects the motif of leaves in the Animal Crossing series.
Inkling (all forms) Poison Poison is the closest facsimile to ink available.
Bowser Jr. (Smash Bros.) Bomb Reflects Bowser Jr.'s many explosives.
Captain Falcon (Smash Bros.) Wheel Reflects Captain Falcon's status as a racer.
Charizard (Smash Bros.) Fire Reflects Charizard being a Fire-type Pokémon.
Dark Pit (Smash Bros.) Archer Reflects Dark Pit using a bow in combat.
Dr. Mario (Smash Bros.) Doctor A full circle reference, since Doctor Kirby was originally based off of Dr. Mario.
Duck Hunt (Duck Hunt Duo) (Smash Bros.) Archer Reflects Duck Hunt being a projectile fighter.
Falco (Smash Bros.) Jet Reflects the Arwing.
Fox (Smash Bros.) Jet Reflects the Arwing.
Ganondorf (Smash Bros.) Poison Resembles Ganondorf's dark purple energy attacks.
Greninja (Smash Bros.) Ninja Reflects Greninja being a ninja.
Ike (Smash Bros.) Sword Reflects Ike being a swordfighter.
Jigglypuff (Smash Bros.) Mike Reflects Jigglypuff's Sing attack.
King Dedede (Smash Bros.) Hammer Kirby also changes color, becoming yellow.
Kirby (Smash Bros.) Smash Bros. Kirby gains access to a condensed version of his move-set from the Smash Bros. series.
Little Mac (Smash Bros.) Fighter Reflects Little Mac being a boxer.
Lucario (Smash Bros.) Fighter Reflects Lucario being a Fighting-type Pokémon.
Lucas (Smash Bros.) ESP Reflects Lucas' PK abilities.
Lucina (Smash Bros.) Sword Reflects Lucina being a swordfighter.
Marth (Smash Bros.) Sword Reflects Marth being a swordfighter.
Meta Knight (Smash Bros.) Sword Kirby also changes his color to green.
Mewtwo (Smash Bros.) ESP Reflects Mewtwo being a Psychic-type Pokémon.
Mr. Game & Watch (Smash Bros.) Circus Reflects Mr. Game & Watch's juggling attacks in Super Smash Bros.
Ness (Smash Bros.) ESP A full circle reference, since ESP Kirby was originally based off of Ness.
Olimar (Smash Bros.) Leaf Reflects the Pikmins' plant-like qualities.
Palutena (Smash Bros.) Mirror References Palutena's Reflect barrier and mirror shield.
Pikachu (Smash Bros.) Spark Reflects Pikachu being an Electric-type Pokémon.
Pit (Smash Bros.) Archer Reflects Pit using a bow in combat.
R.O.B. (Smash Bros.) Beam Due to the Laser ability not being in this game, Beam was chosen as the closest facsimile.
Robin (Smash Bros.) Spark Reflects Robin's primary use of lightning in his/her attacks.
Roy (Smash Bros.) Sword Reflects Roy being a swordfighter.
Samus (Smash Bros.) Bomb Reflects Samus' numerous exploding inplements.
Sheik (Smash Bros.) Ninja Reflects Sheik being a very ninja-like fighter.
Shulk (Smash Bros.) ESP Reflects Shulk's Vision technique.
Villager (Smash Bros.) Leaf Reflects the motif of leaves in the Animal Crossing series.
Wii Fit Trainer (Smash Bros.) Doctor Reflects the Wii Fit Trainer's focus on health and fitness.
Zero Suit Samus (Smash Bros.) Whip Reflects Zero Suit Samus' plasma whip.
Mii Fighters (Smash Bros.) Fighter, Spark, or Sword Which one Kirby gets is determined at random.
(any other amiibo) Random ability. amiibo not listed above when scanned in will give Kirby a random Copy Ability.